LETTERS: Use IT Park for growth

This is with reference to the news story “MoST brings to halt activities at IT park” (THT, May 7, Page 7).

Information technology indeed is an important sector whose benefits one cannot overlook for the country and people.

Without using of it we cannot move forward as per the pace of time. Having said this, if anyone who are avoiding such information technologies in his/her life then they will not catch up with the current trend of its benefits and know-how of its applications.

However, some information technologies have disadvantages too in our lives when used without any purpose. In Nepal, the IT Park in Banepa, for example, is a case in point.

This is a well-equipped IT Park where people can benefit from the state-of- the-art technology installed there. People can use it from newly-introduced information technologies and so forth.

Sad to say is that, as per the news story, the Ministry of Science and Technology recently put a hold on its operation though the park had come into operation barely a month ago.

So my primary concern is that MoST should run it in an effective manner.

Recently, the IT Park and Kathmandu University had reached an agreement to operate it for research purposes and students of the university could learn a lot from this facility that the country boasts of.

Even the government employees can be given training on information technology, and they need not go to foreign countries if it is run effectively.

Saroj Wagle, Bara

Control it

Apropos of the news story “Pharmacies selling drugs sans prescription raided” (THT, May 12, Page 2), it is quite common that the pharmacies sell controlled drugs even without prescriptions.

Four pharmacies were raided for selling a huge cache of controlled drugs. The controlled drugs cannot be sold without the doctor’s prescription. The pharmacies must have sold the drugs for making profits overnight.

These drugs should be sold only to those people who need them and produce genuine prescriptions. Most of the controlled drugs may have side effects and be fatal if overused.

The controlled drugs are used by the drugs addicts who can also encourage others to experiment with the dangerous narcotic drugs.

Once a person indulges in addiction of such drugs s/he can switch to hashish and heroin and their life will be ruined due to addiction to them. These drugs are administered only to those patients who need it.

The Narcotic Control Bureau did a commendable job by raiding the pharmacies which were found to be selling these most controlled drugs. They must have been selling them for a long time unnoticed to the law enforcing body.

It is high time that the government launched a massive campaign to raise awareness among the people by informing them that buying controlled drugs is illegal and punishable by law.

Bipul Pandey, Bhairahawa