LETTERS: Writ against jumbo cabinet

Kudos and many thanks to two advocates Roshan Jha and Prabhu Chandra Jha for filing a writ petition at the Supreme Court against the recent expansion of the Cabinet by PM KP Oli, “Show cause on cabinet expansion” (THT, Dec. 29, Page 3). Both the Jhas deserve huge appreciation for showing serious concern and courage to challenge the unconstitutional move taken by the PM at a time when the country is politically, socially and economically passing through a precarious situation. This step should be deplored by every sovereign citizen of Nepal. Many people had a high hope from him when he ascended to the highest helm of his political career considering his past political activities. However, he himself narrowed down his fame by firstly appointing six deputy prime ministers in his cabinet simply to please his coalition partners. Now, the size of the cabinet has reached 40 (constitutionally it should be only 25 ministers) which will put billions of rupees of budget burdens on the state coffers which normally consist of people’s tax. There will be other adverse consequences from this stubborn, irresponsible and insensible step. The people will have to directly or indirectly suffer out of this foolishness in the days to come. Democracy is not meant for doing anything whatever somebody in the power wants to do. It has its own universal norms and values to be abided by literate democrats. And, that is the beauty of true democracy. He is one among other senior political leaders entrusted to enforce the new constitution, and he was supposed to strictly follow it. Instead, he himself ignored the contents of the new constitution and started acting as if he was above it. It is yet to be seen as to how the Supreme Court, which is responsible for interpreting the constitution, gives its final verdict on the petition.

Rai Biren Bangdel,


Trade, transit

Apropos of the news story “Thapa returns with China’s pledge of another fuel grant” (THT, Dec. 30, Page 1), it is sad to hear that the government is handing out a begging bowl to ease the fuel supplies. In fact, the government should have reached a commercial deal with the northern neighbor to import fuels keeping in mind the national interest. Though China has always helped Nepal whenever the latter is in crisis, Nepal should also make a commercial deal on the import of fuels so that the country may not have to rely on a single country for essential commodities. Nepal should also reach a transit treaty with China at the earliest so that she can purchase goods even from outside China. This is high time that Nepal did not lose this opportunity. As told by Foreign Minister Kamal Thapa upon his return from China, the upcoming visit of PM KP Oli should also strike a landmark deal on railway connection between the two countries.

Suresh Sharma, Bhairahawa