Life is simple

We are born, grow up gradually, and end our life in death. Life is simple, but we don’t agree with it. We don’t accept the fact of death, and pretend as if we are going to challenge death.

Our day starts in the morning, we take our breakfast and move towards our routine structured activities, return disappointed because we wanted something more from the day.

Life would be simple, if we would be happy with mango itself, as one can pluck it and have it during the season. But life gets complex, when we choose to have mango juice and seek a grinder. Life would be simple, if we could agree that mango is a seasonal fruit, but we want mangoes during the season of apples we create complexities.

We don’t get satisfied with where we stand today, and we opt to achieve more. If we believe that even the richest person in the world can’t take away his property with him, we tend to be satisfied with whatever we have but don’t care for aspects creating complexities.

It’s basically social pressure that contributes to creating complexities. Yes we are blindfolded with the social web. 36 out of 40 is a good mark, but when your friend gets 38, you get dissatisfied and create complexities within the mind opting for more.

Having a house would be enough and simple, but once you own the house, you come up with a desire to add more storeys, and you desire vehicles. Ultimately, you create complexities within yourself. When your neighbor has a Pajero, you can’t be satisfied with a Santro of course.

There’s greed, there is ego combined to create complex structures within our mind. We then perceive every normal and simple stuff with the vision of complexities, because we are bound by this set of complexities. They are the natural outcome of human behavior and their characteristics.

Even in places like the Antarctica people fall victim to social pressures and we live in densely populated areas. One has to be a person with virtue in order to avoid this sort of pressure, and that certainly is a huge challenge.

Only if we agree to the outcome in regard to the effort applied, we get simple sense, but we want more than we applied creating complexities. Life is simple; it’s we who choose to make it complicated and complex, and basically they are social norms and practices that narrow our minds.