MIDWAY : Advice as a spur

Giving advice’ is to offer hints and suggestions as to how to handle a situation or resolve a deadlock in a crisis. If taken in good faith it produces a positive state of mind in one who may be dispirited at the sudden, negative turn of events. Nothing so restores faith in oneself.

Advice if given in the right spirit can act as a spur to greater action and pave the way for all good things to come. It leads to a better self-image and makes for a turnaround in the way things are perceived. The only thing that matters is an open acceptance of advice and doing something about it. This enables one to implement it in a fair and proper manner and allow for the result to speak for itself.

‘Giving advice’ prompts the giver to engage the moment to the full and not hesitate in taking the bull by the horns. It means taking the opportunity to be of help in no uncertain measure, thus enabling one to provide words of wisdom without censoring it in any way.

One can deliver advice in a spontaneous and natural manner. This can take the form of a friendly word without asking anything in return. Only that it motivates one to act upon it in good time. Proffering advice means making a statement that will bring positive and proactive changes — one that will determine to an extent the fate of the other’s life.

Well-meaning advice is to be accepted as a source of inspiration. By promoting the interest of another one can make clear the need to make headway in an undertaking. So that the field is clear for a pre-emptive action. In this way certain decisions are taken on the advice of a close confidant. The need is to identify with what has been advised without diminishing its effects. To let it sink in and take hold. Only then will it be a force to reckon with and entertained with no shadow of doubt.

When advice is given the receiver should be gracious enough to mull the matter over before giving a verdict to reserve judgment as to its worth in the face of what is an understanding. Timely advice can act at the conscious level and produce an effect, so that the person at the other end is attuned to its vibes — one that will bring about a progressive state of affairs.