MIDWAY: All smiles

I smile not because I have to but to elicit a response, however, belated. More is the reason why this facial expression holds so much importance — to thaw a reaction that is chilly. It marks a shift in relationship, particularly in feelings of trust and dependency.

My gesture anticipates no response, although this is forthcoming in most cases. So it behoves me to let go of my emotions and make my presence felt.

Not to do so would be doing injustice to myself.

It also denotes a change in mood and an inclination to be positive and cheerful.

A smiling face sends out a message that there is no need to worry. It sets up an invitation to reciprocate and ease any tension that could have arisen. Here there is no slight intended, for it reveals a character free of inhibitions. Any hint of it is to be replaced with frivolity.

A tight little smile gives the impression that one is about to make a statement of fact, whereas a wide smile indicates relief brought about through the nearness of a presence.

It is meant neither to provoke nor draw comment. In short, it aligns itself to the moment at hand and guarantees a response that lights up the face.

A smile carries weight and meaning and is a welcoming sign. It means that the situation is under control. It is a language of mutual understanding and a beacon to an overture. There is a need to foster a smile because it is a step in the right direction.

Nothing expresses more than a smile that comes into its own. This simple and effective act can change manners without any effort. It all depends on its timing or how appropriate it is in any given context.

It thaws the frozen expression of a face turning it to a come-hither look. Because of its nature, a smiling face draws to itself and does not spoil the effect but rather accentuates it. It

softens the harsh outlines of a feature and adds to its beauty. Moreover, it allows a rapport with whatever has been said.

A smile brings forth all the virtues within and has the power to disarm a hostile move. So that one is ready to listen to the terms of conditions.

There is a readiness to accommodate and make allowances because it gives a feeling of tenderness.