MIDWAY: Building identity

At some point in life, almost everybody asks himself: Who am I? Why am I here? Each person experiences life in his own way, and that experience is that person’s truth.

For a spiritual person, the answer may be: To know and worship God. For him, life continues even after death. For another, whatever he achieves in his lifetime matters the most. But each life is unique. Every time a flower blossoms, we realise it’s not the flower of yesterday. The life of human beings is similar — new ones sprouting and old ones wilting each day.

There has never existed my exact replica, nor will there ever be one. A person’s individuality is deeply related to the concept of “self,” which has two meanings: The identity of an individual created by God and the ego, which is dark and animalistic. The latter might also be called a lower nature that can develop into selfishness and brutality.

To create identities of our own, we should focus on our deeds rather than on empty words. Action gives the true impression of a person. We should learn from everyone but emulate none. We should instead follow the lead of a single person who matches our personal ambition. On the other hand, we live in a particular timeframe — neither in the past nor in the future, but in the short time interval called the present. This is all the time we have to assert ourselves.

Each one of us is noble and unique. But how does a man bring forth his hidden talents? It’s our free will that plays a decisive role in showing us the way. Hence some become shining stars, while others struggle all the way. But no one is responsible for the result except the person concerned.

When we consider the question of our individual identity, we should also consider the purpose of our life.

Usually, purpose is understood in the context of each person’s life. Purpose determines identity that, in turn, decides our achievement.

True identity can only be built through hard work. Each of us is gifted with a unique set of abilities. We should be aware of our true potential and forge ahead to achieve the desired end. Life is too short to waste. We should capitalise on our strengths while we can and be able to leave our mark when we retire eventually.