MIDWAY : Caller’s ID tracker

Swagat Raj Pandey

Hello!” “Yeah,” I reply.

“Why do you call when you don’t have to speak? Sorry, wrong number. Why do you keep calling when I said not to?”

“Why did you have to tell him I was home? I was in no mood to talk to him.”

Why do my parents scold me when someone else is giving me a bluff call?

Remember the times when you are waiting for your boyfriend’s call and an irritating aunt calls up and keeps the phone engaged for almost an hour and you have all kinds of misunderstandings thereafter. There are also times, when you often pick up the phones you wish to avoid and miss the ones you’d loved to connect. There are also times when you are scolded just because some brat from the school continuously gives you bluff calls. And aren’t those blank calls a real pain in the neck? You know what I mean. Yeah! They all sure are. Well, life has been made much easier with the availability of a range of communication facilities. The scenario is not as bad as it used to be and with the advancement of technology, the degree of convenience too has gone up. But as every coin has two sides, every thing has its own pros and cons.

There is no doubt that the advancement in technology is always desired and it also helps in the overall development of the country. But, at times, technology and such facilities have been misused and that is when one is forced to think twice about such inventions. Once such good gadget is the caller’s identity tracker, popularly know as Caller’s ID. The introduction of this gadget has really minimised all those above-mentioned problems. It is now easier to avoid unwanted calls and watch out the ones you want. Now you no longer would have to worry about picking the unwanted and undesired call all by yourself. Thanks to rules and regulations as well, you no longer have to get scolding for the unwanted bluff calls and blank calls, which have been minimised to the lowest of levels. Similarly, you no longer have to listen to false claims of your friends, relatives or anyone of being called ten times when not a single call was made.

Once my friend asked me how to avoid some of the calls she didn’t want to take. I asked her to keep the caller-identifying facility. Well, I think she has quite rightly used my suggestion as she hardly picks up the phone when I call her. Just as I am typing this, the phone beside me rings, I look at the number and recognise it easily. “Oh! No, it’s from my boss. Thank god I’ve got the caller’s identity tracker.”