MIDWAY: Common courtesy

It is customary for me to say “thanks” as a simple, matter-of-fact courtesy. So much so that it has become a habit. This does not make one inferior but is the mark of a true gentleman. Uttering this word makes a connection and in a nanosecond an impact is affected. Saying “thanks” is a common courtesy and transcends age, social position and financial status. It is not a cause of embarrassment but a gesture that produces an afterglow long after the occasion has transpired. Nothing is so guaranteed to impact upon the other.

By simply speaking aloud this one syllable word it can let loose tears of gratitude. I feel thankful for any small service rendered. This can come in a variety of guises too deep for words to describe.

Rendition of service is one thing while thanking the individual is another by virtue of which a circle is completed. This act gives a sense of satisfaction. I am flushed with having said something so commonplace and yet have an element of being with it. Giving into it places one above the rest and there is an emotional attachment to it. It conveys a lot more than what is expected and a communication that carries overtones of give-and-take. It does not require an effort of will to express my sentiment.

Life is too short and sweet not to have a thankful heart. Filling myself with just the right expression can bring about wonders in a relationship. It bursts forth without being asked for and is spontaneous. Soon enough it makes for a way of living devoid of all impediments and should not come as a surprise but taken in good faith. Gushing out in an outburst is a way of working with things not perceived before.

Saying “thanks” produces the right effect and snowballs into a chain reaction. This can make me feel on top and is a harbinger of good things. It matches the tone of voice in which it is delivered and much would have been said and reflected upon.

This word can create feelings and a bonding - an effect that enhances any move towards reciprocity. The response has to be seen to be believed; so sure and effective that it meets with an approval. Anything that goes with this gesture can bring about a change in one’s manner.