Having known that monsoon showers were imminent, my little sister shut the windows and hurriedly curled inside a cosy quilt. I was dazzled by her swift action, which was so replete with automatism.

Placing ourselves in such a state what would we do? Most of us think of throwing ourselves in a snug coach with a bowl of popcorn and fixing our fatigued eyes on some TV programme or embroiling in gossip or doing something else. With pulling down curtains on our eyes and shutting the doors of our ears, we become crippled enough not to acknowledge the opportunities to discern the nature’s enigmatic beauty.

We have just observed how the scorching summer yanked the very life force out of the living. The earth, torrid and helpless, lay there being unable to nurture its offspring. Utterly different is the scenario now, as the cherished monsoon has just set in. Hey friends, why do we behave as ‘cave-dwellers’, to quote Plato’s famous phrase, and why don’t we drag ourselves out of that dizzy den to the dazzling drizzling dawn? How exuberant it would be if we could come out of that swarthy cave to enjoy the maniac monsoon.

In no time, the cool wind begins caressing whatever and whomever it meets. Fluttering fauna begin chirping and swaying trees start cuddling in the anticipation of monsoon. The nature spreads all over the sky its wings — mystic and charismatic, in the form of clouds, which seem to be embracing our vicinity. With all the pious rain, the earth seems to have been washed off all its frustrations and endurance. Refurbished and immaculate, it feels resurrected to brood new lives.

Let’s also expose ourselves to the cool mellow shower, and allow the monsoon rain deeply drench us and wipe out all the ailments and woes off our soul. Let it pacify our tumultuous mind, please our humdrum ears, soothe our weary eyes and massage our workaholic muscles.

The world is very complex to be understood. So miniature and imperfect are we that we are bound to flow along the nature’s current. We should not leave any stone unturned in rejoicing in its numerous plays. Monsoon woos us so that we can revitalise ourselves and express our grateness towards the sublime nature.