MIDWAY : Developing an attachment

Developing an attachment’ is to fix on something that is dear to one; be it an object of desire or take the form of a personality. What seems an unlikely bet turns out into a fascination of sorts and becomes prized.

When there is a bond one holds onto it with sheer grit and determination. It becomes precious in a manner of speaking and have a pride of place in the inner sanctum.

There is an emotional overtone here because it may have certain features that go to attract one. Thus it worms into a soft corner of the heart and centres one’s attention on a specific object de’ art or a particular person.

It brings with it joyous feelings and gives rise to a fresh whiff of nostalgic memories. This begets a whole gamut of free associations that has free play on the intellect and is likely to reinforce its unique quality. What is a soft spot becomes larger than life in due course and one to behold as such even though it is full of surprises and twists-and-turns. Holding onto it is like turning over a new leaf because of its characteristics so subtle, distinct and defined. And the only thing to measure up to it is its essence which it holds.

When an attachment springs forth it takes everything in its stride. It assumes such a proportion that other interests takes secondary place and revolves around it.

There is something to be said about what is a heightening of possessiveness which sets off a search for a past example. Becoming besotted is a feeling that is engendered and does not

fall apart or develop cracks at the slightest sign of pressure.

Thus it is a thing so desired and desirable that all else pales into insignificance. This is because its material and emotional values give it due importance.

Attachment brings with it a pleasure that suffuses one with an inner glow. It is a going concern and provides a new found release from the ordinary details. And somehow forms an ingrained part because it goes to transform one’s life.

It is a measure of its importance that it gives a heightened emotional effect. And grows slowly and gradually so that it assumes a life-like size difficult to ignore and becomes a central figure in one’s life.