That’s the name of an old rock band. I like their music. That’s also the state our country is in and unfortunately, that’s also the condition I happen to be in - financially, academically, mentally and well, completely. The best time of one’s life is prior to crossing the 20-year benchmark. You are looked after, cared for, pampered and generally made to feel that you have a perfect right to throw a tantrum every time your slightest whim is ignored or overlooked. Oh happy days! When no one expects you to do anything else except maybe study a bit. Toys, junk food, books, games, dresses and you name the rest. Demand and complain as much as you want, baby. After all, what are parents for? Basically, you are there to spend what your parents earn. Hey, if not you, who else are they earning for?

But after the golden years, you reach where I am now. Suddenly, you are “old enough” to look after yourself and all hell breaks loose. At home, they start hinting that you should probably start earning your own money, even help the younger ones if possible and outside on the streets everything seems just too good to resist and too expensive for your pockets. Sounds familiar?

The exciting bikes, stylish cell phones, that pretty ring on the finger of the women sitting next to you, heavenly perfumes, cosmetics and even the dresses on the stands seem so enticing but out of reach. And then there are the parties to attend, gifts to be given, get-togethers to attend and spend on, exhibitions, movies etc. The world seems to have opened up for you before the reality sinks in. Exasperated, you start looking for a job and going through the interviews. Can you work late into the night? Can you manage studies and job hand in had? If yes, how? Working experience, connections, PR, and at the end of the day, the all familiar

“Sorry, no part-time jobs takes its toll. Can you manage 8-10 hours a day?” Hell! No, who’s going to study if I work 10 hours a day?

It’s so frustrating .You are too young, inexperienced and under-qualified for the prospective employers and too grown up to ask your dad for the cash every time without feeling like a complete burden on earth. But your desires are for real. And so are the needs.