MIDWAY: Espousing a cause

Espousing a cause is to come out in open support of it in spite of other feelings, sentiments and viewpoints. This means that one is so taken up that he is, literally, willing to do anything for it. Thus there are no two ways of what is a self-evident truth.

A cause requires a great deal of emotional investment before it can bear fruit. Otherwise, the consequences of not taking any interest will be to see it shrivel and dry up. Without receiving sponsorship there can be no lasting benefits and trying to oversee the process without giving it due thought also bears out the same way.

Its promotion needs a desire to see it through to the bitter end. One has to forfeit the comforts and trappings of life and be able to take it up within a short notice

because it is of intrinsic value and humanitarian in nature. Whereas sidelining the idea and motivation behind it is a cause for grave concern.

Perhaps in due course of time one will make commitments. This entails seeing to it that the whole thing works out. Before this a blueprint must be made out to ensure its follow-up and proper execution. Not to do so would be to invite censure, even failure. Therefore, it must meet certain criteria and requirements.

A cause can revive issues that have long gone out of fashion. But it opens up opportunities as well as new avenues of work. Trying to fit in with the pet scheme makes for necessary adjustments - a possibility that has to be seen to, for it is source of inspiration and an organised way of life.

It’s important to make amends in one’s life. This is the only way things are conducted: It’s in one’s interest to accept it as the norm. Then there is the matter of including those largely

forgotten in all the hullabaloo. They too have to be given due consideration and their co-operation solicited.

This is an achievement of sorts for there is something ennobling about the concept of seeking outside help. But it must be made a going concern and seen through at whatever cost to oneself. Attention must be paid to working out the details before putting the final touches. Sorting it out could (and should) take precedence because one can easily lose oneself in carrying it through.