MIDWAY : Everybody cries!

Shubhechha Subedi

You cry because you think you’re no one. He cries because he thinks his effort of making himself somebody went all in vain. She cries because she got all she sought, but at the top she is lonely. Do we need reasons to sob, or tears just fall by?

Ever wondered and wanted to know if there is a soul on earth who cries as much as you do, who knows how to drop tears and cry, or may be cry without shedding a single tear drop? Everybody cries, from the members of your family to your friends, your relatives, even the stranger passing by, or the one who’s next to you right now and the one who’s writing this.

Crying helps. I suggest cry your heart out. Cry to yourself, make yourself known to what is hurting you the most and ask others for solutions. It is foolish to cry in front of others, by that you’re either showing that you’re weak or emotionally blackmailing them and making them do things.

Have you noticed the shine in the eyes of a baby who just cried? Have you cried too, wiped off your tears and loo-ked at the world with wet eyes? Do you know what comes in front of your eyes then? There comes a vision, a vision that is vague and but so lucid later. So crying in a way is making you look beyond the horizon and trace out possibilities that you never thought existed earlier. Crying to oneself makes people strong, but crying in front of others smashes you down. Sometimes looking at dull, swollen and faint eyes can be so depressing, yet influencing that you feel like running to the person and asking him or her to smile; like throwing out the reason behind their melancholy, all out of their life. How amazing? But, you don’t want the gloomy look on your friend’s face; although you know that everybody cries and has problems!

With you crying, remember you wipe off too. Because stopping your tears is in a way allied to saving the ache for future, such that you reopen the matter and cry out again. Crying excessive may lead to depression. If you’re depressed, stay close to some red or yellow stuff: they’re both anti-depression colours. Avoid being lonely and at dark places. Just involve yourself somewhere and if nothing cuts down your tears, “welcome them heartily”, for if you can be happy at good parts of life, you should be sad at the worst ones. Everybody cries, consoles, falls down and stands up again, just the way you do. Tears are pearls of the sea called the eye. Just make sure you’re not crying in front of others. Take care of small treasures and saving them works the best for a better future!