MIDWAY: Exercising restraint

Exercising restraint’ is to check the impulse to rush into things and act only after a moment of reflection. This will prove discreet and in keeping with all that has gone before. Rather than doing things in a haphazard, hurried manner one should keep a check on what has to be done. If it requires immediate attention it could be given a once over and reviewed before proceeding, dispelling any doubts as to the restraining order which may have a way of cropping up. So the requirements could be worked out even if there is no show of restraint.

Restraining oneself is to be given top priority. Trying to curb one’s instincts could prove to be of benefit and become a source of satisfaction. The idea is to form certain habits of thought that allow introspection which will enable one to forge ahead. Keeping a low profile is in one’s interest and becomes the rule rather than the exception. Anything to do with rash behaviour is shunned in favour of a demeanour that is quiet, calm and contemplative. This becalmed state brings with it a resurgence of enraptured feelings and becomes in short order a cause to rejoice.

One can exercise restraint in the most unlikely of places and on all occasions. When partying the tendency is to make do with less (when it comes to eating, drinking and socialising) and find oneself moving away from the boisterous scene. And not indulging in a shopping spree, making each and every rupee counts and goes to make the total expenditure and resist the urge to give in to wanton acts and instead show respect and deference.

The need is to think twice and take a long breath before committing oneself. A carefully thought out action can be more effective and replace a wayward activity with all its consequences. This could prove to be a factor in dealing with peer groups where the pressure

to conform is great.

It is better to show a degree of restraint rather than overdo. The benefits may not be obvious at first but have a cumulative effect. Other options possibly weigh in to engage the attention so that the bingeing, splurging and gross indulgence is nipped in the bud. Forestall the first initial move, only give in after serious thought to the outcome.