MIDWAY : Fulfilling a need

A need is met when one is in trouble and the situation is serious enough to merit attention. Thus fulfilling it precludes any trace of regret, bitterness or hard feelings. Or else one is liable to take matters into his or her own hands until a commitment is made.

Truly, then one is certain to meet it head-on and the chances of something happening is high. But a need means that one is bereft and that a void has been created to be filled as and when necessary.

This may require a response to a need that has to be met. This is a mundane matter and to be resolved beforehand.

Being with it and giving in to a need means this is a reaction which takes place with prior consent in an ongoing relationship.

It has been fostered through thick and thin and it rests upon a cornerstone of reciprocity. And marking it is a renewal of commitment. Only this can set the direction for filling a long felt need.

It goes without saying that having one’s need met makes for a satisfying reckoning. As if this was the only concern of the moment to be divulged as such. Coming as it does in a bid to pledge oneself in due course of time. And it becomes a personal statement and not have a recourse to anything else.

Whenever a need is to be met then it’s time to shift into high gear. This goes a long way to make the outcome favourable which also shows how far it can go.

The need to express oneself at a critical juncture brings with it feelings that have been repressed, and contribute to the true unmasking of the self.

There is nothing to do but be grateful to the benefactor who has met a need. This comes in the aftermath of due consideration of the status quo and provides for a temporary arrangement to take the place of the real thing.

These are the pathways of the fulfilment of human needs.The idea is to hold onto whatever has been received and not be taken back when the right moment arrives.

It is coming to terms with what has transpired thenceforth. Nothing can take away from the real thing, of course, but an attempt must be made to relive the moment. All in all, a good way of receiving it is with humility, grace and gratitude.