MIDWAY: Getting into the mood

Getting into the mood’ is making the most of a moment and deriving pleasure from it. This means putting in that extra effort to enliven oneself with what is at hand. This ensures maximum gains through a minimum exertion. Before anything else one has to survey the situation — whether it be a party in full swing or a chance encounter between close friends.

The next step is trying to convince oneself that it’s worth one’s while to join the fray. The social niceties and conventions are of course to be observed as they serve as a bridge

between people. But merely observing the scenes will not do, as it calls for an involvement in the unfolding scenario to get into the thick of things.

Mood is of paramount importance because so much is at stake. Gauging the needs and sensitivities of those present takes some doing but the other recourse is to throw away the chance of making an impression. While making introductions and doing the social rounds is merely completing the formalities. A sombre mood means one is serious about the task at hand. It reflects upon the nature of the work and the time scheduled for its completion.

Distractions can occur at this point taking the mind off temporarily from the matter at hand. Before one is drawn back again to what is to be done. An elated mood bespeaks an emotion on the go and ready for anything. The airy spirit is at once infectious and charged so that one is pleased and amicably disposed. Any beholder will see how palpable its effects are and can strive to be a part of the merriment. It is a reminder of the good times in the past and a foretaste of things to come.

Moods are an indispensable part of one’s emotions without which nothing can be achieved. It is a testimony to what has been and what will be and thus strikes a balance.

The old and the new are brought together on a common platform. Nothing is

so transparent as when a fleeting mood crosses the face and makes it like a live wire. Once one’s stuck in a mood, there is no going back. It’s like a mantle that covers and hides one from curious onlookers. And can be made the most of without compromising oneself. An act that can prove demeaning without the moodiness to thwart it.