MIDWAY: Last option

An apology is offered after a mistake or wrongdoing. To commit a mistake is not always a crime but a clarification is needed. And here it comes as a form of communication. Due apology is stated as a matter of course and can be accepted as such. It does not imply that the person is sorry but that he had no intention to act without giving thought. When this happens there is a bonding and it paves the way for reconciliation.

It also ensures that no ill will mar the relationship. More can be achieved by this simple gesture than by other means. And everything ends on a happy note. If one were to make an apology for rude manners then something would be accomplished. Frequent recourse to this form of expression would make life easier and transfigure one’s lifestyle. Easy in the sense that there would be no bumpy road to negotiate. There is a transition to an elevated plane where little things will not detract from the bigger picture. It best expresses the intention to act in good faith and not make things difficult. Then life falls into place like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.

Understandably, life becomes simpler as a matter of routine. There are no two ways of doing things when the situation calls for a decision. One that could simplify a relationship and prevent it from going haywire. Such a simple thing to do when one considers its effect on the changing scenario.

It transfigures life from being myopic, one-dimensional and insipid to a heightened plane. Where every moment is charged with thoughtfulness. An apology is not only called for but asked of the person who has committed an offence. It calls for forethought and judgment to size up the task at hand and go for it.

An apology is meant to deter meanness and not exacerbate hurt feelings. It is a sensitive mission to undertake and allows for no or little leeway. This is not a retraction but an offering of an olive branch. It is a token to make up for one’s lack of finesse. When a person feels remorse then he is liable to sum it up in an apology. It is the mark of a gentleman who may be at a loss as to what to do and resorts to this action. Of course, tears and a show of emotions — not to be mistaken as a sign of weakness — often accompany this last option.