MIDWAY: Lessons to learn

Watch, a man-made device, alerts him throughout the journey of his life whether it is on the wrist or hung against the wall. We, in order to know about the time, use a watch or a clock. But this device is not merely a time-displaying instrument, it is rather a great model, a teacher for all of us in the sense that it continuously performs its duty. It never stops unnecessarily at any time. It is dedicated and fully devoted to its mission.

Of course, a living being can acquire a moral from this man-made non-living thing. To do the duty at the right time is a big lesson a man must learn from this device. To do the right work at the right time and at the right place is the lesson that the watch gives us. It teaches us to respect time.

Time is that key which can make a king a beggar and beggar, king. After all, a watch hates to stop or hang idly. Sometimes due to a technical snag if a watch stops, it disappoints us and we either change the battery or the watch itself. Likewise, an idle or a lazy person is not liked by anyone. Everyone appreciate a man with an active mind and a working body. A watch is a perfect example to understand this fact. A person with no work or aim in life is like a boat without a row, which is unable to reach its destination and sinks in the water. Similarly, a man of this type gets lost in this own world web.

“Tomorrow never comes,” is a common refrain one hears. One should, therefore, do the work at the proper time, giving value to it. If one is not regulated like a watch then one can never complete the assigned task. The saying, “Empty mind is a devil’s workshop” is a hundred per cent true.

One should be engaged in some activity by trying to follow the footsteps of a watch. Or else, a lazy man can never prosper but destroy his own life. If work is not done on time then one has to repent because time never returns.

A watch is always disciplined and one ought to follow it in one’s field of work. Time and tide wait for none. One needs to master one’s own life through dedication.

Despite being physically fit, one can be paralysed if one idles away time. Therefore, we all must learn the lessons in regularity, punctuality and discipline from a watch.