MIDWAY: Love of Nepali

The other day I installed the first-ever Nepali windows operating system in my PC. I had expected it to be easier to operate as compared to the windows in English interface. But I was caught unawares by the other side of the coin indeed.

As I started operating, with every click I was stranded in the wilderness of my own mother tongue. Ridiculous it may seem but I was really at my wits’ end to understand some words. Many of you might strike a chord with me.

Such is our plight. As students we always underestimated the Nepali language. Be it in school or higher studies, we always take our mother tongue for granted. As a matter of fact, these days, with regard to using languages, we are giving preference to foreign ones, especially English, and in the process showing indifference to our very own. Quite unjust it is, won’t you agree?

You can spot a third grader parroting the ‘-er’ and ‘-est’ of degrees of comparison but, keeping aside a handful of exceptions, it’s still hard to find an SLC passout to have a thorough knowledge of the ‘-tara’ and ‘-tama’; the Nepali equivalent to the former ones to form comparative and superlative degrees in Nepali. For this, our basic education system regarding Nepali language can be blamed to a certain extent.

Forget me, on many a time I have witnessed some often-heard Nepali words like Jeewawashesh (the fossils) and suchakanka (the index number) to have served as tongue twisters to professional television newsreaders. Now consider the plight of Bachelor’s Degree holders’ command over their native language. It’s only the tip of the iceberg. Many cases like this might come to light if a research was conducted.

By revealing these facts I’m not blaming anyone because I am not a nit-picking type of person. What I’m doing is only to generate awareness with regard to our mother tongue and its deteriorating state. Time has come that we did something for the conservation and preservation of our own language, lest it’ll be too late. It’s not at all bad to learn foreign languages but what is of paramount importance is that we should go ahead, with our own language hand in hand. Therefore, love Nepal and the Nepali language!