MIDWAY: Missed opportunity

I realised that I had reached marriageable age when my mother announced: “We’ve found a nice girl for you. We’ll visit her house tomorrow.” I replied: “I’ll see her on condition that I will not be forced to get married for a year because I want to work before I tie the not.” My mother agreed, as she too had to renovate the house.

The next day we were in the girl’s impressive house. The drawing room had an amazing flower arrangement, which couldn’t go unnoticed. We were offered a red carpet welcome. The girl’s sisters served us tea and the conversation caught up. After that I asked for an exclusive meeting with the girl. We were ushered into a room where we talked about our interests and hobbies. Then suddenly, the girl started asking me unnecessary questions like: How much do you earn? Do you drink? Have you fallen in love before? And so on...

It appeared as if she was some sort of an inspector. Was she examining me or seeing me as a prospective husband? I thought to myself, is it necessary to answer all her queries? After all, I come from a respectable family. I am well behaved, well educated and earning a decent income. I even possess a few items of luxury to live a comfortable life. If she has any doubt about not being happy with me then she is always welcome to refuse the proposal. There is absolutely no compulsion whatsoever. I got so fed up with the cross-examination that I couldn’t take it any more. I simply banged the door and left the room. I then gestured to my parents to leave the place immediately.

My mother was really furious. She told me that her queries were meant solely to find out whether our interests matched. “Had you not been so rude, she would have been your wife today. You missed having a good wife. You’ll have to repent.”

A few weeks later, we came to know that the girl had got engaged to a boy of a much better family. It appeared that the word about my being rude had spread like wildfire. Wherever my parents approached, the proposal was turned down. Nobody from the girl’s side wanted to meet me. Will I have to spend my life without a partner? The scenario sends jitters through my spine. I sincerely apologise for that blunder!