Every individual is unique. No two persons in the world are exactly alike, not even twins. And each lives a unique life. Just once. Hence it’s valuable.

But how do we reconcile the differences in people’s fates? While the likes of Bill Gates and Sergi Page have enough to last for generations, those begging on the streets have barely enough to make their ends meet. Or consider the difference between Shakespeare and a totally ignorant person.

Why these huge differences despite all of us being the children of the same God? The difference stems from socio-economic constraints and family background, among other factors. Environment and family influence condition our growth. But the huge differences can be mitigated with effort.

Only when one realises his true potential can one reach the highest point of success. Such people determine their own destiny and inspire generations to come. It might not be far-fetched to imagine that most of the successful personalities were encouraged by some event/person in the face of a failure. Hence, if one sees potential in others, one needs to share one’s opinion with them.

We often hear people complain about their sorry plight. But these people have invited misfortune themselves. Each person is responsible for his own fate. People easily trace success to luck without pausing to go into the real causes. In the process, they completely ignore hard work and individual determination.

If a poor person does nothing to improve his condition, he is bound to remain poor for the rest of his life. If everyone were to blame fate for every misfortune, there would be no achievers in the society. Only perennial losers.

The same is true with regard to educational achievement. The more effort one puts in, the better the results. All it takes is a change in our thinking pattern. Human beings would not have come this far had they given up their efforts at betterment in the midst of heaviest odds.

We need to realise our true potential and our dream with all the energy and power we have. If we only believe in luck, God will let us down. Each of us has tremendous potential. It’s only a question of one’s determination.