MIDWAY : Relativity

Tara Bhatta

I wish I could be one of those few who comprehend Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity. Like any other thrilling topic, Einstein’s Time Dilation Theory takes my mind through a frantic range of critical tho-ughts. King Raiwat of Satya Yug went to the court of Brahma to find the perfect match for his daughter Rewati. Waiting for the celestial dance to be over, he was shocked to know millions of years had passed on earth and Dwapar was concluding. “But, fine”, said Brahma. “There’s Balaram who is more than qualified for your daughter.”

What Einstein discovered was laid down by Ved Vyas. When Raiwat came down to Earth, they looked very tall in front of other people (Einstein’s length dilation argument applied at very high speeds) and Balaram placed his plow on Rewati’s head until she shrunk to an acceptable size.

Einstein, unconvinced with the classical definition, asserted the elasticity of time with varying speeds. So, it’s logical that Brahmalok has a different measure of time. My quiz lessons tell me Brahma’s one day equals a ‘Kalpa’ - 314.15 trillion years. According to Markandeya Puran, the age of Brahma is 100 years and we are at the noon of the first day of the 51st Brahma-year. May be the maximum expansion point of the universe as explained by the ‘Big Bang Theory’ of modern science is the dusk of Brahma after which the Kali collapses and the universe is restored to its original state of virtue.

Like the Ramayana foretells decline of humanity in Kali, today’s progress in nuclear weapons is the naked sign of approaching catastrophe. But worry not! It’s just the 5,109th year of Kali; we will have died pretty earlier than that.

It would be unwise to ignore the mystical facts of ancient Eastern philosophy. The one syllabic mantra ‘Om’ has innumerable mea-nings and functions. The ten incarnations of Vishnu translates to an evolutionary race starting from Matsya (Pisces) to most evolved Kalki. Many consider myt-hology as only the saga of religious folks which is not true. With the discovery of ‘Tachyon Particles’ and denied truths of Michelson-Morley experiment, the gre-atest scientist of the century is on his way to facing severe test. Believe me, but the ages old Vedas are infallible.