I had been married to a writer for two years when I visited my in-laws’ house. My nanda, the 22-year-old unmarried sister of my husband, seemed very glad to see me. “Bhauju, I must tell you that my brother has changed a lot after marriage. You know, he was madly in love with Jyoti, the sister of his close friend. She even became pregnant and dai got the pregnancy aborted,” she confided.

I was dumbstruck and refused to believe my ears. I had never expected my husband to betray me like this. But there was hardly any reason to disbelieve my sister-in-law. One day when my husband was in a good mood, I questioned him about Jyoti. He denied having had any such relationship and reminded me of what he had told me on the first night after marriage. “Namita, my sister is in the habit of fabricating stories because of her jealous nature. Being unmarried, she won’t be comfortable to see us happy. She has now coo-ked up a story. Her intention is to cause rift between us. Believe me; I was never after any girl. Don’t allow my sister to poison your mind.”

In spite of my husband’s explanation, I became suspicious of him. Not only did I start nagging him but also cross-checked all his mails and other evidence to catch him red-handed. During parties and in clubs, I kept an eye on him. Once or twice I found him ogling

at other women. This gave me enough reason to consider him as a man of loose morals. As a result, I became moody and short-tempered. But the wife of one of my husband’s colleagues turn-ed out to be my saviour. She knew the habit of my nanda very well and advised me to get her married. That whole night I contemplated over the suggestion. I emerged as a completely different person the next day. I became more cheerful and confident. Even my husband noticed it. “Namita, tell me, what’s the secret of your happiness?” he asked.

I discussed my nanda’s marriage with my friend’s relative. My husband nodded at the suggestion and I couldn’t help smiling. We arranged her marriage as soon as possible. Now she has stopped spinning tales and poising other people’s married lives after her own marriage. I am highly grateful to my friend who gave me a sane advice and saved my marriage.