MIDWAY : The conditioning process

An individual’s life is shaped, formed and even transformed by ‘the conditioning process’ which includes peer pressure, genetic make-up and environmental factors. These influence his attitude, mindset and behaviour and also his responses to stimulating experiences.

Peers are like-minded individuals and exert a pressure to conform to the way they dress, behave and even think. The person who belongs to a certain category often falls into a set manner and becomes a conformist. Thus it frees him from striking out on his own and he integrates with the crowd. His identity and personality merge into the overall impression created by the peers.

Genes play a part in the formation of the body structure and determines the intelligence quotient of a person. It was as if this had been foreordained and hardwired into his brain. Thus the genetic linkage is a key to his physique, emotional overtones and mental balance. Were it not for these then he would be a shapeless non-entity.

Environmental factors exert an influence on a person’s bearing and orientation. These come about through exposure to the environment such as staying with a roommate or a family, in the hustle-and-bustle of a locale or in a quiet residential area, in a rural or urban setting. These have a pull and push upon him so that he is mired to the exclusion of outside factors.

Thus ‘the conditioning process’ has an effect upon an individual even though he may not be aware of it. These have a whole lot of bearing upon him and his immediate concerns such as lifestyle, interacting with others and behaving, which in turn provide a look into his behaviour pattern. Too often the process by which he comes to an understanding of self in relation to the outer facade of reality is governed by his senses. Herein, they are a window to the world even as he observes them of his own accord.

Because his thoughts and actions are conditioned it is necessary that he adjust to its demands. By doing so he becomes fully adjusted and does not turn out to be a threat. Occasionally, he may reveal an unwanted side in which case he is termed a misfit. But this can act as a turnaround for his transformation into an active, productive member of society.