MIDWAY: To watch or not to watch

The previous edition of FIFA World Cup held in Japan and Korea was favourable to me since the matches were played in the evenings. Now, as the World Cup nears, my main problem is how to win over my sleep. Being a great football fan, I can’t escape the matches either.

FIFA World Cup is one of the greatest sporting events in the world. It not only displays world class soccer stars but also provides the much-needed impetus to rising youngsters. Because of this fact, the managers of rich football clubs embark on a shopping spree during the entire event, looking for new signings for their clubs. The event also showcases surprises with the underdogs knocking out the star-studded sides. After all who would like to miss this sporting extravaganza and I am no exception.

But waking up till midnight is an uphill task for me. Teaming with my pack of friends could be an option. I had planned to have them at my place but the guys are avid fans of cricket, which I dislike most. I even declared to play host to small get-together sessions every night before the matches but that couldn’t persuade them because they weren’t willing to spare their good night’s sleep just to give me company.

I have thought of sleeping early but later realised that too wouldn’t help me either. I sleep for long hours and get up only when my mom wakes me up for the morning tea. Now, I don’t expect her to wake me up at midnight because she would be fast asleep by then. Another option would be to set an alarm before the matches. But I don’t believe that a ticking sound of an alarm clock can wake a deep sleeper like me.

Even if I could win over my sleep and watch the matches, the days following would be terrible for me. It will be utterly uncomfortable for me to go to office with swollen eyes, yawning all the time and snoozing occasionally during working hours. However, watching the recorded versions of the matches won’t be that exciting because I would have known the match results by then. Though some television stations play highlights every morning, it isn’t worth watching. Whatever the consequences, I am not going to miss this biggest sporting event that kick-starts in Germany next month.