MIDWAY : Transformation

Life is all about transformations. To some, these changes may be part of their destiny. To others, they may come as a whirlwind of disasters that turn everything upside down. While I always knew that, I had forgotten the metamorphosis would hit me someday as well. I knew I had crossed a big threshold when one day a friend commented on my voice “Great voice dude!” It was then last February I knew that I had undergone a big transformation. I realised I had grown up to be a young man from the child who fantasised about emulating Bruce Lee. As a young man I grew a fervent desire for music. It wasn’t an enlightenment though that gave me the musical break; it was a freak accident in my taekwondo class that left me with an injured shoulder which changed my course. My mother forbade me from taking any more taekwondo class and enrolled me instead in a Music Club.

In order to fight back, I would deliberately falter or sing off the tune. But my trainer turned out to be a patient man. My first performance on stage was on the Parents’ Day — I don’t remember what I sang but I certainly recall the applause that followed the song. It was unbelievable. My coach gave a nod of approval from the backstage. For the first time in my life, I felt ‘cool’ about singing. I was soon burrowing all kinds of music from my friends. Nepali, English, Reggae, Rap, Blues — you name it. My interest in music was growing by the day. I then understood its value and understood the true depth of John Lennon’s Imagine. Music wasn’t just a mix of hodgepodge catchy tunes anymore.

My growing passion for music was instilling me with confidence too. I learned to play the keyboard and played the instrument in the assembly. Music was conferring me the courage to face the mass. It has reshaped my personality and endowed me with calmness and serenity of the mind. Sometimes, when I sit down to contemplate I realise what big influence music has had on me. A child wonderstruck with martial arts and physical might today is unable to watch the gory scene of violence on television. Music will always be an integral part of my life. And I believe the tunes have embarked me on the right direction.