Tulaja Rayamajhi

A billion articles may have been written on friendship. But so wonderful a virtue of humans it is, we never seem to tire reading about it, nor is there a dearth of people continually emphasising its vir-tues. Blessed with great friends myself, I am no different. Though I have never been keen on socialising to earn new friends, I have, over the years, befriended many with mindsets similar to mine. It is heartening to know that so many people consider me their true friends, and are ready to stand by me when I need them the most.

A best friend of mine during the primary school, for example, used to be very protective, always siding with me when arguments broke out. She never bothered to consider if I was on the right side. I hated confrontations and arguments though, and did my best to avoid one. But when disputes could not be averted, she was always there to defend me. But as we grew, we started enjoying ourselves in different circles, and the tide of time drifted us apart. While in high sc-hool, a close-knit circle of girls, myself included, formed a group called “Seventy Fing-ers.” But by the time we got to the higher secondary level, only three of us remained. This was the beginning of a life-lo-ng friendship. Now in my ba-chelors, I have three very good friends beside the old trio. So, all along, I have been lucky to be blessed with ‘super-friends,’ as I like to call them.

Not all friends are good though. Some are only concerned with serving their own ends, even while you may th-ink h/she is your loyal friend. I consider myself very lucky in this respect. I would like to believe that all my friends love me for who I am. A true friend, I believe, is the one who sticks with you through thick and thin, there not only when you are flying high, but also ready to catch you should you fall. According to one of my brothers, having a pocketful of bucks is the only sure fire way to make new friends, nowadays. I believe a lot depends on the company you wish to keep. I have never had to do such things. Friendship can never be bought, and nor does it come with strings attached. The essence of friendship lies in loving your friend unconditionally. And only if the other partner shares similar feelings, is true friendship possible. The friends that I have are the precious gems of my life. I don’t love my friends, special or otherwise, merely seeking temporary liaisons or to grind my own axe. I believe every kind of love should mirror the love of a mother. I love my friends for who they are, unconditionally: not for who I want them to be.