MIDWAY:Making a commitment

Committing oneself is a noble thing and upholds one’s integrity, dignity and sense of responsibility. This has to do with engaging in a project, running a family business or writing a thesis. And can be done in an opportune moment in a manner befitting oneself. Making an effort in key areas means moving ahead in a fixed or flexible timetable. This falls under one’s parameters and the response engendered since it is feedback received.

The time may come when old, worn out routine is scrapped altogether and a fresh start made so that one looks forward in anticipation of new plans and actions. Commitment to one’s growing interest could garner support from one’s immediate circle. Perhaps it could entail using one’s ability to the maximum while trying to fathom the level at which one works best — leaving a margin of error.

Committing to the task at hand means getting it done without taking a break and could take stop-gap measures to bring it into fruition.

But the reward will be there for everyone to revel in — a justification for the status quo since it augurs well for the future. This may not be as simple as it sounds but then taking a risk could be worth it if the dice is loaded in one’s favour.

The present moment could be spent in trying out new schemes and take advantage of any opportunity provided. It marks the renewal of energy in getting things started. Thinking of a setback at this point is well-nigh impossible if there is motivation and incentive. The application of effort assures that mistakes will not be made and a learning process put into gear. When one is committed to doing something only a minimum needs to be done at the outset.

While it gathers momentum new details are added to make it a going concern. Working out alternatives is, therefore, welcome and a change in the scenario made possible. Trying not to overdo can be taken into account. Giving one’s best is the response to expect while making sure that there is little or no possibility of anything going wrong. Last minute preparation

is to be avoided and its immediate concerns given attention. The need is to apply the right kind of pressure so that everything works out as planned.