MIDWAY:The contributing factors

To an individual the factors contributing to his overall growth and development become important even as he struggles to maintain an identity —these are school background, family upbringing and work experience. An educated person has his expectations shaped accordingly. In this case an elitist education fosters the need to review aims, ambitions and come up with a plan, thus identifying with one’s goals and aspirations. In short, this could prevail upon him to assume responsibilities in line with his educational achievement. When this is forthcoming an assessment of his abilities could well be in the offing.

A family upbringing sets the stage for an individual to list priorities and settle down to a routine, humdrum existence. It may also provide him with the necessary provisions to make a living. These preclude lesser considerations which determine how well he has adjusted to its demands. On occasions he may see fit to curb impulses and behaviour which are out of sync.

Work experience sees to it that any weakness is set aside to bring about a positive, proactive change.

This could be for the better if evidence points out the underlying method of working. Being a member of society helps to ingrain values and improve self-image so that these will make him a better provider.

When all the determinants are taken into account a picture emerges of an individual’s indentity. One can, of course, look to other important factors contributing to the game plan. But they won’t have played any role in shaping his personality make-up.

Moreover, in trying to figure out what makes a person tick certain details come up. This can be done if there is something against which to measure his intelligence and attributes. This by itself means that his capabilites are measured against a scale. This dovetails into the current thinking and sees to the manner in which this has been done.

The use of judgment and reason predominates and only through simple logic will it become clear as to the life being mooted; notwithstanding the common features being projected to find out a person’s willingness to abide by the contributing factors. Which only goes to show how far fetched these can be in a given context.