Mission impossible

Residents of the capital must have developed the habit of enduring the stench of garbage

after having to walk through streets strewn with wastes almost every day. But, it seems, people in the outskirts may also have to follow suit, as management of waste apparently becomes a mission almost impossible to accomplish. In fact, the foul odour of garbage has been a feature of our capital for years, and it has now infected popular tourist spots such as Nagarkot. The inability of the authorities to effectively remove waste may not only affect public health but also repel thousands of tourists coming to visit our country.

In the past several months, the metropolitan authorities have taken several initiatives to make the capital a garbage-free city. The metropolis might need to adopt more stringent measures to make that possibility a reality, but the steps have definitely been taken in the right direction.

Similar measures needs to be taken outside the capital, especially in the urban areas and major tourist spots. Our ability to maintain and keep the major tourist spots free of garbage will help attract more tourists to the country and take in its rich natural beauty and cultural heritage. The tourism entrepreneurs and locals should also contribute along with the local authorities to make this mission possible.