Mobile craze

Various wonderful technologies are commencing in the present day world. Mobile is one wonder among such technologies. No matter which brand of mobile it is, it connects us to the globalized world in a miraculous way. The larger things are being under shadowed by tiny objects. People are fascinated by such tiny objects for their conveniences. They are motivated towards mobiles by their easy excess of direct calling and connecting email internet. Now our pocket is carrying the whole world as we carry mobiles in our pocket. Viewing the whole world is possible through the tiny screen. If we have knowledge for its proper handling, it becomes a unique shelter for learning. With a single touch of our fingertip, it imparts information to us.

The growing trend of selfie is idiosyncratic. The selfie trend is dominant not only among youths but also children. Wherever we are we like to click a selfie with our presence there. Facebook is working as a means to advertise our selfies. Mostly, selfie and facebook have become inseparable parts of our lives. Both are combined by a single object i.e. mobile. As high resolutions snapshots are possible through the latest brands of mobile, we rarely make the concept of bringing separate cameras if we are heading for adventurous.

Mobile, actually, is the storehouse of divergent things. If we have to capture immediate videos, we can go to its options and start it. If we are waiting for someone else, we can use it as a playing object. We can install different games and play them as per our wish. We can even save our best songs, videos etc. and play them whenever we want to. We can read newspapers and magazines using it as a medium to know the ongoing incidents throughout the globe. Students and learners can download different reading materials and read them whenever and wherever they like.

SMS banking, online paying, recharging etc. are other facilities that we can run through our mobile. If we have taken such facilities, we can pay our bills at home. As we have busy schedules in everyday life, we cannot memorize all the things on time. We can utilize it as a means of reminder by storing the needed things. To make phone calls we do not have to pause if we have stored numbers. An individual has to be aware of the need of technology and utilize it in a balancing way. If everything goes right there will not be remorselessness. Right use of fruitful things is a way to grab the real taste of life.