Moment of pride

Simple acts of service can earn us the pride and recognition that sometimes even momentous victories cannot. Unquestionably, it is this act of selfless contribution to his community that has won Mahabir Pun the prestigious award in Asia and helped him bring home glory. Pun’s achievement is a testimony to the fact that perseverance, dedication and a sense of service pay off, sooner or later. A Nepali from the remote village of Myagdi, Pun, was awarded the Ramon Magsaysay Awards 2007 for his outstanding contribution to community leadership and innovative application of wireless computer technology in Nepal, which has connected his little-known village Nangi, to the globe.

The turning point in the life of this underprivileged student came when he got a scholarship to study at the University of Nebraska, United States. However, unlike others who shift base to cities, tempted by umpteen promises once they complete their higher education, he persisted with his mission to use his knowledge for the progress of his own dear little village. Now the remote village which once didn’t even have a landline and while the major towns in the country are still struggling far behind in the race, Nangi can boast of e-marketing its

local products. This unassuming man from the remote district certainly not only makes the

country proud of his achievements, but also encourages every Nepali not to neglect their communities but instead to begin contributing to their advancement.