My role model

Our mornings are incomplete if he does not converse with us. His day starts early and ends late. He is always around us and takes care of each one of us. At every moment there is something that you can learn from him. He is a believer, an entrepreneur, a man with principles and rules. The man I idolize. I am talking about my granddad, and some day I wish to follow his steps and excel in the stream chosen with hard work and patience.

At this age of 87, he is the most active man I have met till date, the simplest person who has created an empire for his family. His life is — Simple living, high thinking—which has got him to the place that he has today. It all started with the little things he says, and as time went by things fell in place, and there was no looking back.

On this day too he does not carry a wallet and believes in utmost saving. He has his values and he definitely has changed with the times. Everyone loves his company, be it an elderly person or a youngster or a kid, a stranger he talks to all and inspires each one of them. This is the best quality that we like about him. Encouraging us in academics and our ambitions has gotten us closer to him.

The other day while he was playing badminton with my younger brother, he kept telling him stories of him being a kid and how things have changed till now. Little did my brother understand, but we definitely loved his real life incidents.

The number of places he has travelled and the aura that he has when he meets people is rousing. I feel like travelling with a V.I.P when he is around – fluent English, charismatic nature, soft spoken, kind hearted. This describes him well. Learned and spiritual combined together would define him best.

There are some people who are rough on the outside and the opposite in the inside. He is one of them. It is just amazing to me how he can be so quick and sharp with the calculations and business terms. That’s when I salute his years of experience and energy.

The travel stories of his to different places seems like stories to us, but the way he has explored the world sounds challenging. The number of visa stamps on his passport at an early age is certainly an achievement.