My soul, an artist

I have always been someone who has loved and admired the vivid world of stories, poetry, dance, music to the core. When I look back to the childhood days I remember obsessing with the world of fantasies through storybooks my mom frequently brought us. I loved reading; it took me into a magical world of Simba, Alice, Neverland, the pirates and Aladdin. My favourite was “The Arabian nights” collection. Books had a certain power in them that made a curious enthusiast child in me blend so well within the fantasy world of the characters. As an avid reader, I wrote…I wrote a lot of poems and stories in my spare times…every time I wrote anything, I would show it to my grandfather who always encouraged me to write better. He himself being a wonderful poet with hundreds of poems often said it could be the genes effect from my forefathers who were into playwrights and stuffs for me to develop such interest. How cool is that?… —