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Nepal in crisis: For amicable solution

Shobhakar Parajuli
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If the government and the main political parties are really serious about resolving the present crisis, they should accept it as a political problem and take steps to ensure that the Nepalese people of all ethnicities develop a sense of belonging in the new constitution. For this, it is urgently required to initiate a fruitful and decisive dialogue with the agitating groups

Meeting. Illustration: Ratna Sagar Shrestha

Meeting. Illustration: Ratna Sagar Shrestha/THT

Many countries of the world have reached the state of developed and progressive nation because of strong and stable governments. It is the major responsibility of the ruling government to provide facilities to the people. Though it is the fact, the present government has failed to provide the minimum requirements to the people.

The country’s present condition is getting worse day by day. For several months, life in the Terai region and all parts of the country have been badly crippled and paralyzed. All the educational institutions, hospitals, government offices, industries, banks, shops, agricultural activities and transport services have been crippled. Most of the essential items, including food grains, petrol and gas are in short supply and black marketing in these items are increasing day by day. There is a great problem of scarcity facing the people of the country. In this case, unscrupulous elements could pose a security risk by taking advantage of the open border between the two countries.

The incumbent Oli led government has not been able to create a conducive environment for proper implementation of the country’s laws. Nepali people have not felt peace, security and well-being since the government was formed. This government has failed to ensure these fundamental rights to the people. The timely amendment of the constitution for fulfilling the genuine demands of the agitating groups is the present need of the country. The government should pay immediate attention to the impacts of the ongoing Tarai unrest on the people’s human rights and their daily lives.

Many public service providing organizations are closed, and people deprived of getting facilities and services from the government. Every corner of the nation is badly crippled because of this present situation such as tax collection, and the sale and purchase of land is also closed. For the smooth functioning of the public services, the government has made the decision to open sub centers, but it was made without any long term vision on its effects. There was difficulty in proper implementation of the decision made by the government for its smooth operation, such as in Bara district. It is because the places like Simrangadh, Kohalbi are in remote places in comparison to the Simara of Bara district.

So the government should give priority to provide services and facilities to the people of remote areas. Now is the time to establish sub centers for the smooth operation of the day to day activities in places like Simrangadh, Kohlbi of Bara district and other remote places of the nation. This should be immediately implemented without any delay.

Is it suitable for the present government to remain indecisive in resolving the present humanitarian crisis of the nation? The concern of present government appears to be only to split the ministries. Why does the government not accept this reality?

The other most immediate work of the present government is to step ahead for progress and peace and be responsible to the people. The solution of the problems should be immediately sought for the good of the people of the nation. It is not suitable to make fun while the whole nation is burning. Now is the time to ponder over the capability of the present government in resolving the crisis of the nation from the level of the people, civil society and all the related stakeholders of the nation.

If the government and the main political parties are really serious about resolving the present crisis, they should accept it as a political problem and take steps to ensure that the Nepalese people of all ethnicities develop a sense of belonging in the new constitution. For this, it is urgently required to initiate a fruitful and decisive dialogue with the agitating groups.

Without resolving the present crisis, there is no hope for Nepal to prosper. It is not the time to panic now. Now the time has come to raise the ‘Yaksha question’ by the Nepali people to Prime Minister K.P. Oli about the worsening condition of the country? Thus, the present government has to clearly inform the public about its concrete plan to ease supplies of essential goods by resolving the present Madhesh Andolen. In this regard, Prime Minister Oli should quickly address the nation about the difficult situation and his readiness in tackling it. A quick resolution to the present crisis is needed and the K.P. Oli led coalition government should incorporate all the political forces instead of making promises it cannot fulfill. Unity among all the political parties will make this possible. All leaders should come forward to start an economic revolution. For that, the parties should give continuity to unity and collaboration to resolve the problems and difficulties through talks.

No lock is invented without a key. It means every problem has a solution. Now, Nepal has been facing problems and is in a critical situation. So, the present government should find an amicable solution and not waste time for resolving the crisis. The present coalition government has to deliver services to the people on a war footing as normal life throughout the country is getting worse day by day.

A version of this article appears in print on January 21, 2016 of The Himalayan Times.

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