New beginning

Farewell is a requirement for a new beginning. Until and unless we say goodbye to one thing we cannot completely move on to next just like an end of a year marks the beginning of New Year.

Definitely not all of us are so fond of farewell especially when it comes to say bye-bye to the people, to the things that you have been so attached to. More attached we are with people, things, and moments more hard it is to part away.

Farewell is not an easy task yet we are inclined to do it sometimes to end things and sometimes to mend things. Some people are so important, so special, some feelings are so essential and some moments so meant to be treasured; but life is not a fairy tale and there will come a time when things are not same as they have always been.

A change at times, leads to parting away.  Well, good thing about the goodbye is, it gives us new start, new path to follow... —