No puzzle

Food security is at its lowest ebb if the news reports of various parts of Nepal are to be gone through. Weather, politics, meager inputs in the agricultural sector have all combined to bring this day when hunger looms larger than life. Gone are the days when the trumpets sounded the more-than-plenty messages. The reverberations have all died down to the boots of the marching insufficiency to feed the population that is ever-growing. It has been talks all these years for meeting the basic needs of the people. No respite is in sight because the politicians from whom the much needed direction is expected are locked in the tussle or rather the dirty game for getting on to the saddle.

Regular news reports filter in highlighting the hunger woes of the people in one or the other district. The government machinery seems to have struck a conundrum so mysterious that all has come to a standstill. Maybe the obsession of getting hold of a new administrator is so pressing that the food needs of those in trouble is missing the point. One cannot say when relief to the people will be coming. Like the leaders, the weather too is unrelenting to let the showers come in to salvage the farming profession. The wait continues.