No short-cuts

“Ramailo Guff” is not just a talk show. It is a result of my passion and dream since my childhood. This is telecast monthly on YouTube (channel: Ramilo Guff with Nita). The motive of this talk show is to inspire and entertain the world inviting different personalities from different fields.

The execution of “Ramailo Guff” was quite interesting. I had always wanted to host a show and was heavily influenced from people like Oprah Winfrey, Ellen de Generes, Anupam Kher, Karan Johar, etc. So, during my 3rd semester of Bachelors, I met my Psychology teacher, Mr. Prateek Raj Neupane, who was conducting one-to-one counseling session for students. I shared my ideas with him during those sessions that my dream was to be the best presenter but didn’t have enough courage to pursue it. Then, he supported me and with his continuous faith, along with his guidance, boosted my confidence in finally initiating this show. I can’t be grateful and lucky enough to have a mentor, teacher, and a brother helping me in my path to turn my dream into a reality.

As a BBA student, I know how teamwork is crucial to achieve goals or dreams. To achieve my dream I was in need of a video editor, camera persons, and venue. Luckily I met Baibhav Pandey, as a video editor, who is equally passionate like me to pursue his dreams. Likewise, the camera persons from King’s Channel Mishal Rai, Ankur Gurung, Yuba Raj Rai and Dipen Subedi who are keenly interested in film making supported this talk show. For a startup like us when we go for a shoot on the location and see the reserved plate on a coffee table it gives an immense motivation to do more and put more efforts. This is how Ramailo guff synergized and brings a show to entertain and inspire the world.

This show will run in seasons. In one season, we have 8 episodes. Till now we have completed 4 episodes: Mr. Nischal Basnet; Nepali film industry film director; Mr. Anil Keshary Shah; CEO of Mega Bank, Mr. Rohit John Chettri; vocalist and guitarist of 1974 AD and Ms. Sambridhi Rai; adventurer, traveler and a singer.

Although we lack financing the passion of each team member is always a motivating factor to produce entertaining and inspiring shows. Each team member believes that dreams cannot be achieved instantly. There is no shortcut, and it takes a lot of hard work, dedication and passion to be the best presenter or the best video editor or the best film director.