Not again

It is the same old story. A government body takes responsibility for the implementation of a donor-funded project, but sits on it for years on end. In the end, nothing gets done. The Ministry of Environment, Science and Technology was entrusted to prepare Nepal’s National Adaptation Programmes of Action (NAPA) in collaboration with UNDP, which would bring in millions of dollars into Nepal to help her adapt to climate change. But sadly, as is characteristic of so many donor-funded initiatives, the preparation of final document is going to be delayed yet again after six years of prevarication. It took years for the Global Environment Facility (GEF) just to okay the proposal for drafting of NAPA.

UNDP has reportedly proposed several donors to fund the preparation of “Extended NAPA”, thereby further delaying the documentation process. This is just another way of delaying the whole process for the benefit of a few vested interests. Nepal cannot embark on its adaptation programmes unless NAPA document is finalised. Besides, the LCD fund for NAPA is limited and some other country might claim it if Nepal is not serious in its bid. The way things are panning out, Nepal looks increasingly vulnerable to losing out on the funds which in turn will hamper the country’s efforts to deal with rapid climate change. At the rate climate change is affecting the world, the failure will amount to inviting a disaster.