Not freaks

As we grow up and integrate more in the human society, we humans pick up many virtues and vices along the way, one being “judging by the appearance”.  Most humans do it consciously or unconsciously; we fear or perceive them as freaks as those who do not conform to our “individual” vision of how things should actually appear.

A disabled person, who you claim to sympathize with because that’s what civilized people are “supposed” to feel -- so who do you see with your eyes closed, probably a person with lost limbs or a person on a wheelchair who may be heavily disfigured or mentally unstable.

Agreed, some of us are mentally unstable, there are those in  wheelchairs some dirty, smelly not because they want to be so, but are because they are unable to do otherwise. The people with disability in essence are people with physical or mental problems that limit their movement, sense or activities. However, all disabilities are not visible, though they may be equally painful and inhibit movement.

Creating an intolerant new generation, coaching them to see the disability before they see the ability, observe and point out the difference that makes you see them as freaks; as monsters that fail to ignite fear.

The disabled would want you to help them with how, why, when rather than gape; treat them like human beings because that’s what we are though living in a world that’s just not designed for them. Let the child approach the disabled. I assure you what you see is not contagious and if you say oh! I don’t want to disturb. Our distinctiveness is not a disability; maybe I like to draw, she is an undiscovered talented singer, and he is an amazing storyteller but sadly you have lost the chance to know the human you only saw as disabled.

The wise say, the veil that hides the face of the future was woven by the hand of mercy. Perhaps that’s the reason why we humans have faith in the unseen cling on to hope that tomorrow will be different, possibly tomorrow when I wake up I am magically cured of my disability though that even for hope is too farfetched. I was in a sports team, today I can’t even jump; tomorrow I don’t know for the future is shrouded in the unknown. Yesterday you could walk, today you still do, can you predict tomorrow?

Consequently, no matter what we claim that appearance does not matter, I am judged every second and so are you.