Our Himalayas

Nepal has the largest stretch of Himalayan range with the tallest peaks on the planet. But, it isn’t making diverse touristic sale of its heavenly Himalayas. For example, at a time when the Maldives is selling island resorts, we are not selling Himalayan ski resorts to wealthy sporting folks from across the world.

Our Himalayas have numerous touristic potentials. We have been selling trekking, mountaineering, mountain flights, sky-diving, home stays and a few other associated businesses of hotels and hospitality. The private sector has initiated the ‘Everest Marathon’ to draw world-class high-altitude sprinters.

If our government develops strong idea and infrastructure to sell our Himalayas in numerous ways, our touristic revenues would be among the highest in South Asia. Currently, Namche Bajaar has $4000 per capita income just because of Himalayas-based touristic business of Mt. Everest. If we are to sell Himalayan touristic products of other peaks, the revenue would be same in other places beneath Makalu, Kanchenjunga, Api and Saipal peaks also.

We can sell our Himalayas in many manners. For instance, our Himalayas are religiously linked to our ancient gods and goddess and spiritually linked to healthy weather. That’s why, we can develop high-end meditational stations under the lap of the Himalayas. These meditational centers can be sold to both religious and spiritual folks eager to feel the freshness of our Himalayas.

We can develop different high-altitude sporting and military training centers in our less populated Himalayan region from Taplejung in the East to Darchula in the West. These high-altitude centers will draw hundreds of folks from varied sporting disciplines and military fraternities from across the continents.

Also, we can construct a few modern Himalayan stadiums for football and cricket as these games are world famous with millions of followers.

More ambitiously, we can build four-lane roads to reach the base camps of the Himalayas without disturbing the original trekking route. Such highways to the Himalayas to reach base camps of Everest, Makalu, Kanchenjunga, Api and Saipal via certain section of north-south highways can bring millions of tourists to picnic and feel the real base of our Himalayan faces.

Nepal is a Himalayan nation but most Nepalese haven’t reached Himalayan base camps owing to lack of roads to reach there and high fares of trekking agencies.