Passing the buck

Every now and then counterfeiters grab headlines for trying to transact spurious currency notes. This makes us wonder if we would be fleeced. No wonder the neigbourhood grocer carefully scrutinizes the high denomination notes you submit to make sure that he or she has not been taken for a ride. When it comes to money matters it always pays to be careful. So this chap feels the note and rubs it carefully with his fingers and looks at it with a certain amount of suspicion to see if the watermarks are in place. We cannot blame the guy in the bargain. After all there are numerous cases where the naïve have been hoodwinked.

So it comes as no surprise that a clerk in a bank in Phidim came across one such note

amongst the money that a woman had come to deposit. What is interesting about the news is that the note in question was worn out, indicating that it had seen much transaction without being detected. This sends alarm signals and makes

people apprehensive that they too would be victims to unscrupulous characters dealing in fake currency notes. This calls for exercising extra caution for now it is said that there are racketeers active in printing such notes with the state of the art materials, all the more reason to take note of. Miss one false sign, and you’re in for lots of trouble.