Pedestrians’ plight

In Kathmandu, roads are usually blocked by the incessant traffic flow, hampering the pedestrians who always feel that they are under the assault of different kinds of vehicles with ear-splitting cacophony of their horns.

If a person drives a car, S/he will be stuck in the middle of a jam usually caused by the bicycle/motorcycle riders, bus and push-car drivers, consequently, s/he should have to wait for a long time to walk hither and thither for some time just to cross the roads.

In Kathmandu, there are only a few driving and parking spaces to accommodate vehicles. Here, most roads are not constructed to suit as much vehicles as intended because a few decades ago some government engineers constructed roads here without thinking of the possibility of importing vehicles, which are increasing. Here, most roads are narrow and are usually filled with potholes due to the lack of proper maintenance regularly by the concerned authorities.

Even after the roads are repaired, they develop potholes very soon due to the use of substandard materials and also due to heavy traffic flow every day. Since the work of filling up potholes will not reduce pedestrians’, the existing roads have to be repaired and maintained apart from building roads and paths in different places in accordance with people’s needs.

Generally, in Kathmandu, there are no demarcations lines to separate the left and right lanes. Also, the footpaths on the side of most roads are either filled with filth or largely occupied by different kinds of venders, who inconvenience the pedestrians from walking from one place to another.

There is a drainage problem, especially realized during the rainy season when the roads turn into virtual rivulets. In many places, there are side drains, but in other places, they are so large that they look like sewers. For pedestrians’ convenience, proper drainage should be provided on both sides of the roads apart from covering the drains either which concrete or slabs.

It is imperative to construct more roundabouts and the existing ones should be made big as well as regulatory. Moreover, all roads should have demarcation lines with sufficient traffic policeman or policewomen, especially during rush hours.

More flyovers should be constructed where the volume of traffic is very high. Haphazardly erected electric and telephone lines should be discouraged.