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There are currently 66 million people forcibly displaced across the globe, 26 million fleeing their countries as refugees and 40 million internally displaced - the worst such crisis since World War II.

The Middle East is among the most affected regions with over half the Syrian population forcibly displaced - six million as refugees, mostly in neighboring Lebanon (over one million),  Jordan (over one million) Turkey (3.2 million) plus nearly a million asylum seekers in Europe.

There are also millions of internally displaced peoples (IDPs) in Syria (6.3 million), Iraq (5.4 million since 2014), Yemen (2 million), and over 300,000 in Libya.

This massive movement of people has its own economic dynamics with large amounts of government spending, humanitarian and development funds, money flows from refugee livelihoods, illicit trafficking of everything from people to various goods and the growth of criminal enterprises preying on the displaced … —