Picking up the pieces

New Year 2074 is a new opportunity to pick up things where you had left and continue moving on with your life with determination and hard work to pave your way to success

Despite the daily work and determination, I have been unsuccessful in beating my brother in football who is one grade above me. I know I am successful among my friends in my level but I want to compete among players in higher levels and prove that I am no weak contender. So, currently I am striving to prove that I am no less than them, but I have not been able to. So, I have resolved to compete with them this New Year for which I am going to practice with perseverance. I am not going to waste my precious time in unwanted places, but use those precious times to gather more strength to finally beat others. I am not going to give up but try my best to overcome my weaknesses.

— Tulip Gyawali, Minbhawan


When I returned from London in 2009 after my college got blacklisted, I had already lost three academic years by then. I could see my classmates had graduated; a few of them were already engaged in jobs. But I, all alone and perplexed, was trying to find a way out. That was the moment I needed to be resilient. I was determined to start again, and then I joined BBS.

I completed MBA last month and I have been working at a company for almost two years now. They say there is no late or early in doing something in life. What matters the most is one’s determination, patience and hard work. The most important thing to bring your life on the right track is to be happy at what you are doing. I believe in doing what I am doing right now, and will continue to keep it simple in the coming years too. Life is simple and it needs to be kept simple; we are the ones who make it complex by over thinking.

— Sandip Neupane, Balaju


The majority of people feel empty even after achieving lots of things. This is because we have known the whole world from various perspectives but we have still not been able to recognise ourselves. A great enlightened being once said, “All the water and drink you have consumed from beginningless time until now has failed to satisfy your thirst or bring you contentment. Drink therefore of this stream of enlightened mind, Fortunate ones!” We need to have a spiritual dimension in order to balance our life and live in harmony. We must always remember that happiness is much higher than success. As for me, I also have encountered difficult situations in life which have made me stronger and wiser. So, this New Year I would like to expand my understanding in spirituality and live a meaningful life rather than a successful life.

— Shreya Basnet, Lalitpur


I was a shy girl and didn’t have many friends. But time changed and I changed with time and so my circumstances. Now I go for adventure trips and crack fun with friends. I feel free now. But there was a phase in my life — I missed doing crazy stuff during my childhood days. For me, memories don’t flash out from the past but it is being created these days. So I always think a child must be crazy, roam around, play as much as the life gives and makes beautiful memories to smile at.

— Samiksha Sharma, Nuwakot


At 24, I feel I have achieved much in my life by now. Doing Master’s degree in Social Work, having a sound job and supportive family — what else could one ask for from life? I never had the feeling of missing a bus or being behind time since my mum and dad have always been showing and guiding me on the right path. I wanted to take at least a year or two-year break after my graduation but my mum and dad advised me to continue my studies without taking a break and now my friends are a semester junior to me which is a proud moment for me.

To be honest I never make or had made a resolution because I feel it binds people. Doing things which is appropriate for the moment is what I enjoy. Analysing one’s activities and plans at the end of the day will definitely help in bringing one’s life on track is what I believe.

— Shradha Neupane, Boudha, Mahankal


Warren Buffet had perfectly quoted, “No matter how great the talent or efforts, some things just take time. You can’t produce a baby in one month by making nine women pregnant.” I am a dropout and I have made a resolution to continue my studies in the New Year 2074. I will pursue Bachelor’s in Journalism and Mass Communication — I am quite dedicated and committed to the course to excel in my academics. And I don’t have any regrets and guilt whatsoever for I am now a completely different person wanting to lead a solitary life. For my overwhelming dreams to achieve, I need to fight, sacrifice and work hard.

I believe in miracles. I also believe that dreams do come true if we have the courage to fight and if we dare to be different from others. What we need to realise is that big things have small beginnings. Although I am financially vulnerable at present, I bear the audacity to dream big and achieve my ultimate destination by inculcating a remarkable sense of endurance, persistence, commitment, willpower, dedication, hard work and perseverance.

— Sanjog Karki, Tansen-6, Basantapur, Palpa


Success is not greedy, as people think but insignificant. That’s why it satisfies nobody. The thirst in people to become the most successful leads one to hard time, frustration and unhappiness. They feel they are behind everybody, and lose his or her hope. I have gone through the same. In my case I am quick in losing my hopes, desires and passion if I sense that I am behind. If I feel that someone is better than me, I believe in that and just don’t test what I really have got in me. That has been the root cause behind my failure and unhappiness. Later I get to know that I have lost the chance to prove myself and end up regretting it. So in New Year 2074, I would like to move ahead with no fear whatever the result because I got to know that success doesn’t come with perfection neither with hard work but with the passion to learn from failure.

 — Sashi Lama


I have always been the person who is easily driven towards the things that people say. No matter how hard I try I have not been able to satisfy myself with all my activities. This New Year I want to make myself fully satisfied with what I do and who I am. I am going to forget about the past and forgive people instead of forgetting them because they always taught me something in my life. I was afraid to take stand for anyone who needed my help thinking what others would say. Now I am not afraid to do anything good. I will stand up for every living creature. I want to make this world a better place for everyone. So, my New Year resolution is to make myself happy by making others happy.

 — Sachita Shrestha, Jadibuti


If a child is asked for what he wants to become in their near future their ultimate and general answer would be to become successful person like doctor, pilot, engineer or public figure. The concept that defines the success is not what we can be; instead it is defined by society and has been handover from generation to generation. In the process of following this success we most of the time forgot to follow our own dreams and desires. Success is not about wealth and social status but about the inner peace and happiness that makes people happier.

Once I told my parents that I wanted to become a successful person when I was in school, my parents laughed at me saying that these days even children know what success means in one way or another way — At that time success meant to be happy, and being happy for me was to play all day long. But with the change in time, the meaning of success changed along with my maturity. For this New Year I would make my poor habits the strongest among all so that I can focus on what I want to get and I dreamt for. I would make a proper time sheet and work accordingly so that I could cover all the set targets and objectives on time which were left undone in the previous days. Moreover I would like to make up for all of my mistakes that were due to the procrastination. And most of all I would like to make the habit of keeping a balance between my family and friends as I always become the victims of understanding of underestimating their love and care. Finally I would like to be in the circle of very selective people who can guide me through praise and constructive criticism towards my dreams as it is the most encouraging factor for me which give the vibes of positivism towards the thing I want to do and are on the upcoming list.

— Susmita Thapa, Besigaun, Jorpati


Of course I have come across such kind of situations in my life where I had to feel disappointed even after working hard. It occurred to me after finishing up with my exams where I didn’t achieve according to the way I expected and my hard work. These are the times when people become upset when they aren’t able to meet their important goals. Still I have never thought that my life has been a whole lot of mess even after not being able to achieve what I was destined to. At the moment I think one should keep trying until he/she achieves success which he/she is craving for right from the beginning like the famous proverb in English says, “Try and try until you succeed’’.

— Pratik Shrestha, Buddhanagar, Baneshwor


Some people take a new year as a second chance to dream with eyes open. People change with time, so do their aspirations. Seriously taken, New Year resolution is an opportunity to gauge our goals, tickle a funny bone or to try something bold. I am happily satisfied with my life and achievements that I have marked. A New Year resolution is something that no one can deny having made some. The one thing that I want to take as a resolution on this New Year is to learn a new English word every day. It may sound a toy task but success on the most important goals we set for ourselves involve the long game, practices that we practice every day until they become habits, and eventually part of our very identity, so we can create lasting change.

— Ayush Shrivastav


Life is full of ups and downs. Sometimes we become flattered by our success and sometimes get depressed by failure despite our hard work. This feeling has also been experienced by me. It was the time when my finals were approaching at the end of the year, I had done intense practice and preparations for the examination. But on the report card day the final result didn’t go as per my expectations. It was a satisfactory result and it wasn’t the outcome which I wanted in spite of the hard work I had done. I know, in this competitive world, we have to go through different levels of life in which we may not excel in each. In this New Year 2074, my resolution would be to display my knowledge on the answer sheet and bring excellent grades on SEE by covering all my flaws. I will try to efficiently manage my time to drive my studies parallel with sports.

 — Aarsee Dhakal


New year brings excitement and joy to all, almost indubitably. Everyone has plans of their own and we often come up with bold New Year resolution. People change with time, so do their aspirations. New Year is an opportunity to gauge through goals and aspirations for the adventurous soul, it is the opportunity to spice up endeavours throughout the upcoming year.

As far as I realise, my past years weren’t good enough. Those were more or less driven by hedonistic pursuits and the inherent delinquency that I chose to dwell upon which is why I ended up with nothing but frustration. It wasn’t that I was not aware of what would be important for me to achieve but my endeavours were empty entirety. So I have made a resolution to bring my life back on track and to make it as lively as possible. I will be transforming myself into a thoughtful person, into enjoying my books and studies more than ever. Being an introvert so as to be more sincere and committed in my aspirations is what I am anticipating to make my New Year resolution.

— Anish Bhattarai, Baniyani 03, Jhapa


I was always the second girl at my school level. You know, being second is very weird at all. I had to listen to the same comments from everyone during results and towards the exams. There was always pressure and even though I studied hard waking late hours I could not fulfil my commitments and others’ expectations. Now I think hard work isn’t enough for success. Wisdom and intelligence are equally important. My New Year’s resolution is to always be ready to learn new things and seek opportunities to sharpen myself. I will focus on my strength rather than being worried about weakness.

 — Ashmita K


I believe life which is full of a roller coaster ride is a learning process. We don’t know what life puts on next. Sometimes the things we expect and plan take place and sometimes it doesn’t. I have definitely faced ups and down in my life where at times I felt behind and that I have missed some particular opportunity in life. But on the positive note what I’ve felt that what is meant for you in life will ultimately come to you and what is not no matter how hard you try it won’t be yours. So with this positive thinking I always try to move on in life and make myself happy with what I have and what I have achieved so far because those things are also the result of my hard work, patience, and most importantly the faith which I have put on myself to do better than what I have missed out in life.

As I have recently post graduated and completed my studies for time being my New Year 2074 resolution will be focusing on my career for that I have been applying for some appropriate jobs to start my career journey. Secondly I am also planning to give some attention towards my health as we all know ‘health is Wealth’. I have started working out too where I am focusing on eating at least one course of healthy meal a day which is nutritious for the body. Also I am making a habit of eating some nuts during the breakfast, taking honey and lime water to feel fresh and rejuvenated throughout the day. I am eating some fruits, drinking lots of water, avoiding junk food as much as I can and so on so that I can stay healthy and work hard to achieve and fulfil my dreams in future too.

— Tejaswi Pahari, Jawalakhel


As the platitude goes ‘Life is a roller coaster’, setbacks and comebacks are a part of life. I also have gone through this phase. The phase of setback is such that it can destroy your belief in self. I also did have a setback in my life when I had emotionally invested greatly in people around me and as soon as they left, everything in my life seemed to be crumbling. However, I have realised that everybody is a hero of their own life and heroes do make comebacks. I am in the process of completing the book of my life and a new year comes as a fresh chapter of the same old book. I would love to see myself as a person who instead of pondering over past mistakes accepts the consequences of her action in the New Year 2074. Everybody commits mistakes in the process of being a human but once a mistake has been made no level of anxiety can undo it. If I am able to instill this quality of acceptance in me in the New Year, it will be a beautiful rose in my bouquet of life with its own fragrance and thorns.

— Mahima Poddar, New Road


Time management is an important element for the effective and successful work performance. As one proverb says, “Time and tide wait for no men”, we should use and utilise time for our successful work performance, because the time has its own value that could be tapped for life’s grand success. Because the person, who can manage the time will ever manage his or her work performance. I have sometimes failed to manage time and so I have felt very embarrassed in front of my colloquies and boss due to traffic problem and other technical problems. Therefore everybody should manage the time for every work: work while you work, play while you play, and sleep while you sleep et cetera. Because time is money. Of course time is not only money but also everything, which can be utilised in daily individual’s life for better work performance.

— Ganga Raj Aryal, Arghakhanchi


My life has been a roller coaster ride, sometimes filled with excitement and fun in the highest pitch while sometimes really low filled with fear and guilt. Looking back all those past years, I know that I have done so many mistakes that I am really not proud of. I feel that my life would have been more better personally and professionally, if I had put some efforts on it instead of wasting my time. I just wasted lots of time on internet and on TV series in 2073 — I should have managed my daily routine properly. That’s why just to make my life on the right track, from the very beginning of 2074 I have decided not to spend my time on virtual world and be the part of the realistic world. Thus, my resolution is to read more books, start a new hobby and organise my daily routine.

 —  Pratikshya Tripathi


While I study aiming to score a good grades I always feel sad getting results which is not upto the mark. While I was in Class XI and XII, I did my best still I felt I missed something or felt I didn’t give everything I had to do best in it. In such situation, I feel why something is holding me from my success and I always wonder what the flaws were that led me to such conditions. After wondering and searching from my mistakes I have realised that my inability to do things at right time and lack of confidence over myself are the reasons. This New Year my resolution is to believe in myself and do things at right time and make myself proud of myself. This year I will love and take care of myself and make my path to success by hard work and determination. At the end of this year I will make sure not to regret of my doing and be happy of my achievements.

 — Rashmi Shrestha


The government launched a new health campaign on New Year’s Day to promote healthy living so that people can prevent many diseases caused by their lifestyles. How easy or difficult has it been for you to make healthy choices? As the government is already taking initiatives to make you healthy, what role can you play (or have been playing)

as an individual to lead a healthy life?

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