Politics of reaction, setting agendas Current waves

With the escalating political polarization, a campaign has been launched aimed at analyzing the political issues and agendas on their own

and corrupting them. Their activities are directed with the same motives. Universal definition of parliamentary supremacy or civilian supremacy, meaning and essence of internal and external nationality and their perpetual impacts are not being taken into consideration seriously. Things remain uncertain as what would be the cost of a campaign started with self centered benefits of a particular group. But it is sure that they would not appear on the surface out of the blue. This situation is the cause of political transition where new social systems or institutions and structures and concepts are not established albeit the old ones have obliterated and shattered. This is the state of political and social lacuna. Though the situation moved forward, the established ideas and norms of the past could not be uprooted. This is the contradiction of the time. Their motifs started searching their roles as situations did not step forward on their own agendas. This very anti-Maoist alliance formed some one and a half month back forgot its own promises and responsibilities. This alliance against the Maoists became the single formula and incantation for unity among the shareholders of the government and its stability and their performances.

The traditional leadership started leaving way as the mediocre changed into an organized force adding will power and argumentative skills. Leadership development of the new generation within its silence provided no space for the traditional and “parental” leadership

of the past. They had nothing left except to be a mute bystander. That developed patience, but they were reluctant to change in a new structure. There was the ideal middle class from towns which welcomed the transformation in its own terms and conditions. This social class desired to have a stout and healthy offspring without copulation and pangs of childbirth. On the other hand, a force that was the next form of struggle had made its identity recognised nationally and internationally as an uprising force for social, cultural and social economic transformation.

The political parties that exercised democracy under the monarchy with unitary state mechanism had lost popularity, and they could not hold the sentiments of the people. They had to make a U-turn and accept the agendas of federal states, secularism and democratic republic. The environment of disbelief was created in the new paradigm. Let alone the old

parliamentary parties, the Unified CPN (Maoist) also had been a victim of its own ambush. A drama without artistic performance does not entertain and relay the desired messages to its audience no matter how planned it is. The prejudiced mentality of the parliamentarian parties brought them to this condition that they are compelled to mock the universal norms, ideals and ethics of the parliamentarian conducts. They devalued the dignity of the legislature parliament by blocking the entry of the resolution motion and rejecting its discussion. The role of the people’s representatives has been minimized and the government was formed selecting the defeated in the elections. Is it not a mockery by the parties that claim to have respect for parliamentary supremacy?

The state mechanisms are influenced by political thoughts after the court’s respect and roles are also in accordance with their plans. Its effects would be more visible in the days to come by creating a sea gap in a bid to create a conducive environment among the parties. If an individual moves ahead guided by self-interest, his/her knowledge, conscience and roles bid adieu as proved by the Nepali intellectuals in the present era where ethics, norms and theories have become transitory in commercial politics. For them, responsibilities became the subjects limited to textbooks. Some dirty exercises carried out via different media have proved it well and needs no justification. There is a class that is too adamant to accept the newly formed ground reality but tries to continue the traditional concepts on the form of a modern veil. They are champions at forming grand designs playing on logic.

The next incompatibility of the present Nepali politics is to search for a destination from reaction. When the present government scrapped the decisions taken by the erstwhile government on the pretext of consensus and coordination a serious question has arisen- Politics of consensus and coordination with whom? With the progressive forces or the regressive ones? This is a campaign to nullify the progressive force, established through a decade long insurgency and revolt, to fulfill the petty interests of the regressive forces.

The present time is not normal. It is a time to manage the aftermath of revolt and begin a new journey for a better future incorporating the vital issues of the revolt in statute. Though it seems like an anti-Maoist alliance, it is a prejudiced game with the intention to derail and rupture the progressive change that people have sought.