Poor oversight

It is alleged that some private cargo and courier services are being misused for drug trafficking. It may be recalled that some years ago, drug traffickers had widely used the General Post Office, Sundhara, to smuggle drugs and narcotics. But with stringent regulations put in place, the traffickers’ attention now seems to have shifted to the mushrooming cargo and courier firms. Such firms are providing efficient services in terms of faster and reliable delivery of letters and parcels, thus largely replacing the slow-moving government’s postal services. It is not surprising that drug dealers have tapped this source for delivery of the contraband.

The needle of suspicion is pointing towards the clients who insist on a particular airline or a specific route. This leads to doubts about the nexus between drug syndicates and some cargo couriers and airlines employees who may choose to take undue advantage of lax laws, or because of their lack of technical know-how and expertise to identify the contents of the cargo. Some legal experts say that the laws relating to possession of drugs are tough, but the fact that the trafficking continues unabated proves poor implementation of those laws.

The fact remains that drug dealers have myriad ways of conducting their shady trade. So putting the blame on courier services is of little use. However, care should be taken, in cooperation with security officials, to identify the suspicious contents, but without causing unnecessary hassles to parcel senders. The law enforcement agencies must be fully motivated to take stern measures against the guilty. It has been widely alleged for years that some of those in power, particularly those in the law-enforcement agencies, have colluded with drug dealers for commissions. Which is why the fight against drug trafficking has not been as effective as it should have been. Combating drug trafficking, therefore, calls for a multi-pronged approach, which should include tougher punishment for those in authority turning a Nelson’s eye to the nefarious activities of drug dealers.