Power of appreciation

Appreciation is the key to human motivation; we keep craving for someone’s feedback to our work or any deed.  Even a small amount of appreciation has a positive impact.

Appreciation is one the major tool of motivation.  The feeling lifts up people, and charges their energy with positivity. There is nothing more that human being craves for more than recognition.

There may be nothing more precious and valuable than to get a good word of appreciation for the work we do to the things we pursue.

Although, we all know it and we all feel good in appreciation, many times we fail to appreciate others, as oddly, most of us are often more experienced at expressing negative emotions. While we pin point if someone does wrong, and react and gossip for hours, we fail to appreciate if the same person does something good.

Especially in workplaces we fail to appreciate each other, we tend to be so competitive that even when we know how hard the person has executed the task, in most cases a supervisor, seems stingy even to utter “good job” or appreciate.  However, in workplaces small gestures and appreciation acts as magic to the performer.

These simple gestures boost you and fills you with a positive energy. In every workplace and team all have the innate desire to feel appreciated and valued by others.

Appreciating the diversity and similarity within a team can reap great rewards in terms of performance and increase the satisfaction of the entire team. Inculcating a gratitude culture is a must in any organization.

Life is what we make of it, if we see good in others that also means we can appreciate and incorporate new changes in us. If we have difficulty in openly appreciating others, it is also difficult to appreciate self.  It is not only about giving others a positive feedback but also who cannot appreciate others in life and fail to self appreciate as well. People fail in self appreciation which is also the reason why they face anxiety, depression in life.

Let us take the time and create a positive atmosphere at home and at work hang out with friends, and with the family  construct a culture where we can appreciate the diversity in individuals.

Let us try to be the motivation for someone else. We have nothing to lose, so let us inculcate the habit to appreciate each other’s good things. Let’s learn to  appreciate!