Public ethicality

“It was a usual morning and I was waiting for my school bus, standing some inches far from a muddy puddle. It had rained all night and there were puddles everywhere. I saw a lady dressed in a smart uniform looking quite nervous probably leaving for a job interview or a presentation.

Maybe she was in a hurry and she failed to realize the fact that she was standing right next to the puddle. Meanwhile, a motorbike zoomed right through the puddle and splash! The water got all over the lady. Oh dear she was helpless. Now this seems much like a bad day for the woman but no this is just an example of a serious issue among us, the lack of public ethicality.

Public ethicality is the moral values and the ethicality that involves opinions about the public. Human beings are social animal this is why we live in families and societies. Being a part of a society means that we have some responsibility towards it and the least we can do is think about what would happen to them when we take an action.

Driving in the wrong lanes, stopping by the road with self-convenience, digging roads for household pipelines, throwing garbage out in the road, shouting in public, sneezing or coughing without covering our mouth, not keeping boards while maintenance is going on, making public bathrooms dirty these are the minimal things that involves lack of public ethicality.

These are things we ignore saying it is the way it is but, it costs us more than what we think it does. Well what we call “Nepali time” is one of the effects of this.

Time travels with series of events and if one event gets late because of one person this breaks the entire chain of punctuality.  Had we thought one of us getting late will change the entire time schedule then this entire idea of Nepali time wouldn’t have been created.

We have become selfish. We need to make sure that our actions don’t create adverse effect on someone else. Obviously this doesn’t mean that we have to go and meddle about what everyone does but at least we should be sensible when it comes to our behavior towards the public.

The country will prosper only with the public ethicality no matter how strong regulations are brought because then only people will start thinking the best option for everyone rather than themselves alone.