Rage racing as you drive

For every minute you are angry, you lose 60 seconds of contentment”. That’s what R. W. Emerson had made come up with as a piece of enlightenment. When driving, do

you get barmy and spark your lights at other drivers, grouse, gesticulate or push to pass? Do you apprehend that even trivial demonstration of rage can generate a retaliatory response in the other driver?

We are increasingly witnessing these dangerous displays today. It was not this way some years back.

The phrase “road rage” didn’t even exist then.

What has transformed? Road space is not increasing a great deal while the numbers of vehicles are increasing alarmingly. We are stuck in traffic; with people we do not know or care about.

People from all walk of life, with all kind of vehicles and all kind of lifestyle, congregate and intermingle on the same space. We are driving longer distance every day-most of us anxious, overworked, and in a big rush to get where we are going.

Few of us comprehend that all of our individual stress get in the car with us-qualms about money, work tribulations time constraints, rapport issues and depression

caused by low self-worth.

The least incidents or inconvenience can trip the delicate balance of our emotional “house of cards”.

What is taking place on our roads today is in fact a symptom of unexpressed rage, not the cause of it. If

you confess to having a dilemma when you are behind the wheel,

it’s not so much what transpires on the road that triggers your rage, it may be the package of unsettled issues you are carrying in your head. If you find yourself getting awfully disturbed towards drivers who act idiotically, comprehend that your rage is pointing towards your personal issues. It’s not the other party. It’s you Conceded, people do unload things when they drive, and it’s irksome to be inconvenienced by someone’s horrific driving.

Yet, on the road and off, how you react to others relates to your own issues, not theirs. A little blip of idiosyncrasy is one thing, but intense rage or demonstration of outrage directed towards strangers is a signal there’s something in your life that needs attention. It’s time to figure out what’s eating you up.